Benefits of Hiring

5 Good Reasons to Hire a Musical Instrument

Music Service

(1)  No maintenance costs

All instruments hired from Lambert Music are serviced before going out. Our instruments will either be new, or be in a very good condition - and should they require servicing or minor adjustments while you have it, this will be done free of charge. The only requirements are that repairs needed as a result of damage whilst the instrument is in your care, are charged for. 

Music Instruments

(2)  Use of quality instruments

Lambert Music believes in dealing in quality hire instruments. 

Our stock includes Yamaha, Buffet, Blessing, Jupiter, Armstrong, Pearl and Regency (among other quality brands). 

Young Music Students

(3)  Ideal for younger students

Children go through different sizes of certain instruments while they are learning to master them. For instance, violins are sized at 1/16, 1/10, ⅛, ¼, ½, ¾ and full size. Should your child outgrow their instrument, the instrument will be gladly exchanged for a larger model. This remains an advantage over bought instruments.

Affordable Musicmusical confusion

(4)  Affordable option

The price of quality musical instruments has risen dramatically in recent years. Hiring remains an affordable option, with simplified monthy payments.

(5)  Easily exchangeable for another type, should the preference change

Many music students take up one type of instrument, only to discover at a later stage that they might be better suited to another type of instrument. This is another area where hiring has advantages over purchasing an instrument.

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