Flute Maintenance, Service & Repair

Servicing, repair and overhaul of flutes are done on our premises, using quality imported spares. We charge according to an hourly rate for labour (R450.00), and additional costs for any spares used. Should you wish to receive a quotation, kindly contact us so that we may view the instrument(s), and provide you with the neccessary advice.

Flute Service

Basic Flute Care Tips

Hold the top of the body when inserting it into the head joint to avoid bending the key out of alignment. Always put the flute back into its case after use to avoid it getting damaged.

Flute Parts

Never expose the flute to excessive temperatures (i.e. avoid leaving the flute in the car on a hot day).

The tenons should never be greased. Flutes that are hard to assemble require cleaning and professional alignment.

The inside of the flute should be cleaned after use, with a soft cloth attached to the end of a tuning rod. 

Chewing gum and sugary substances are harmful to flute pads, and should be avoided prior to playing.

Occasionally check the placement of the head cork, with the aid of the tuning/cleaning rod. The line of the tuning rod should be in the centre of the embouchure hole. Do not attempt to adjust this yourself, but rather get a service technician to correct this.

Key oil should be used periodically. Ensure that the oil does not come into contact with any of the pads.

Never run water through the flute or immerse the instrument in water. Never use any materials not specifically designed for flute care.

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